My Precious (2023)

Set in 1999, sixteen-year-old Tong and his friends Dong, Bank, Mai, and Pao regularly wreak havoc at school, giving the teachers headaches. As punishment for his prank in the middle of the classroom, Tong has to sit in front of Lin, the smartest and cutest girl in his class. While she is the object of affection for all of Tong’s friends, Tong is on the fence about Lin because he thinks that he is too awesome to like anyone. Nonetheless, the time spent studying together ultimately leads to a deeper bond and the beginning of first love that is impossible to forget, no matter how much time has passed.

Native Title: รักแรก โคตรลืมยาก
Also Known As: The First Love is so Hard to Forget , Rak Raek Khot Luem Yak
Screenwriter & Director: Fon Kanittha Kwunyoo, Naphat Chitveerapat
Screenwriter: Lalil Kittitanaphan
Genres: Romance, Youth, Drama